Thursday, March 22, 2007

SLIDESHOW | It's fashionable to lunch

Thursday's Cherry Blossom Fashion Show and Luncheon at the Goodwill Conference Center was a fashionably good time. I would estimate there were probably about 300 to 400 people there - mostly women, of course - as there were probably about 30 or 40 tables of 10 each. There may have been even more than that. I certainly didn't realize the event, which has been a festival staple from the beginning, was that big of a deal so I was surprised by the turnout.

Host Mark Ballard (The Artist) was a hoot and had the ladies laughing throughout the lunch, and he even had them scrambling from their tables when he tossed a John Deere baseball cap he was asked to wear when he rode into the fashion show on a John Deere lawn mower out into the crowd. Yes, those "mature" ladies jumped from their seats to try to catch that hat. Ballard said before the show that he wasn't at all nervous about emceeing, he was just nervous about riding out into the crowd on a tractor.

The tables were beautifully set before the crowd was even allowed into the conference center. They were decked with bowls of what looked like a pink goulash labeled Vichyssoise. It tasted much better than it looked, and was really some sort of potato and onion mix. The pecan-crusted chicken and risotto that followed were excellent and moist as well, and the dessert was just out of this world. It was a chocolate pot de creme with raspberry coulis garnishment. Heavenly. Edgar's Bistro catered the event.

The piece de resistance at the table, though, would have to be the Menage a Trois bottles of wine made by the winery Folie a Deux. The company-printed labels invited drinkers to "Discover the excitement of our Menage a Trois." It went right along with the theme of the afternoon. During his invocation, which seemed to go on and on by the way, the Rev. Ronald Terry spoke of the "fragrance of love" and how "the Cherry Blossom Festival says let's get together." Then, during the fashion show one of the male models bent down into the crowd and kissed a guest. Ballard even joined in, joking that it was "getting warm up here" and that someone had a taken a picture of him backstage in his underwear.

While we all stuffed ourselves silly, the models showed off three different sets of clothes, as did host Ballard. They sported a casual look first, then moved to business and lunch attire, and finished off the show with formal wear. Fashions were courtesy of Macon Mall.

All in all, I thought it was a great event. I wouldn't wear all of the clothes modeled, but I did see some cute pieces. And, once again, that food - mmmm!



Anonymous said...

Did you save me some of that crème au chocolat et à la framboise, at least?!? mmmmmm...

Cherry Blogger, do you know which countries will be represented in that "international" food fair? I was so disappointed last year...

Moi :-)

Stephanie said...

I'm not sure, but I'll look into it.

Edge said...

thanks anon for bringing that up.

I mentioned the same thing. The International food fair use to be great. The last few years where horrible. With only one vender selling 'international' (greek) I would hardly call that international. the other 3 stands where a bad version of state fair food. Please, please tell me that made it back to what it was. If not just call it a food fair, and leave of the international. that to me is an embarrisment to or out of country guest.

Stephanie said...

The person answering the phone at the headquarters' office wasn't sure what foods would be represented. I personally wouldn't expect too much that way you'll be thrilled if it's better than last year. I do agree with you both that last year's "international" food fair was somewhat lacking on worldly cuisine.