Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The opportunity that got away

Oh! I am so slow! I sat right beside the mayor last night at the Children's Concert (well, for about 15 minutes anyway) and I didn't even think about asking him about his shadow until this morning. I could have quickly asked him "Hey, who is that man that's been following you all over town?" But did the thought enter my mind? Nope. Not at all.

Actually, to be honest, all I was thinking was geez, the mayor sure is tall. Yes, I've seen him out and about around town, and yes, I already knew he was a fairly tall man. But there's something about having him sit down right next to you and kind of towering over you while his legs seem to stretch on for miles to make you just kind of go whoa. Anyway, he didn't stay for long and I'd like to think that it wasn't a pressing engagement that made him leave early, but that it made him nervous sitting so close to me being that he knows I work for the paper and all. That and the fact that I'm hot. Pink that is. :) (CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT ME ON WMCC NEWS.)

Thanks for the shout out! It's definitely helped re-energize me from the mid-Cherry Blossom slump I was starting to feel. It's only Day 5 of the festival and there are five more days to go so I can't get tired yet. It's hard to stay motivated in the middle of the week though when highlights of the festival mostly include organ concerts and more free cherry ice cream. I've already done the ice cream thing, though, and truthfully I'm not a huge fan of cherry-flavored ice cream so while some people could do that all week, I certainly won't. And I've seen the tigers already, one of the few exciting daily activities. I just don't know about these organ concerts. Maybe. There's always Posies and Punch.

Whatever I choose to do, I'll keep you posted. Also, I've still got plenty of things I'm working on for the middle of the week that have nothing to do with organ concerts. Just stay tuned.


pinkfaninTN said...

Dear Hot Stephanie-

Your blog is totally awesome! It brings me a lot of enjoyment as well as useful information.

Pink is certainly your color :) Can I come and share some cherry ice cream with you?

Anonymous said...

Girl, you are HOT! That blog has me entertained! Too bad it lasts only a week!

Anonymous said...

Today's bloggin was the best yet! Love your style and humor! Be sure to let us know when you write your first book!!!

Moi... :-)