Friday, March 23, 2007

SLIDESHOW | Founders celebrated on final day of Third Street Park festivities

Well, I think it's safe to say Third Street Park was THE place to be at lunchtime this week. The crowds never seemed to dwindle, even today when the sun almost seemed a little too hot to be out and about. Just almost, though. Had the cherry trees been in full bloom, they would have provided a little more shade and comfort.

Friday was Founders Day in the park, giving us the chance to celebrate William Fickling Sr. and festival founder Carolyn Crayton, and the chance to partake of some yummy birthday cake. Former Mercer University President Kirby Godsey said a few words about Crayton, and the crowd got to hear the story of how Fickling became enamored with the Yoshino cherry tree. Even Mark Ballard the Artist showed up decked out in a pink coat to help celebrate the founders of all things cherry blossom in Macon.

The birthday cake never seemed to draw a huge line, but crowds swarmed around the table of food from Applebees and the lines for cherry ice cream never seemed to dwindle, with the one closer to Mulberry Street looping back toward the park it was so long.

It's been a fun eight days and the final day of festivities in Third Street Park makes me kind of sad. It means that even though we have two jam-packed days left, the festival is about to come to another close and we have to wait until next year to celebrate it all over again.


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