Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cherry Shoppin'

Most people don't realize that the Cherry Blossom Gift Shop, located on Mulberry Street in downtown Macon, is open year-round. Like me, many people only really think about its existence when this special time of year starts to roll around. A visit to the store this past week proved that while the gift shop is home to many things Cherry Blossom, those special trinkets are only a fragment of the specialty items the store carries. Gifts for a new baby (or perhaps a new pet), beaded jewelry, and even knick-knacks such as a hammer that comes dressed as a high-heeled shoe are just a sampling of things you'll find at the Cherry Blossom Gift Shop. While you might not find many things for that special man in your life at the store, it's definitely a great place to consider when you're looking for a unique gift for birthdays, baby showers, and even Mother's Day. Just take a look for yourself. Click here to take a tour of the Cherry Blossom Gift Shop.

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