Friday, March 23, 2007

A cherry treat or two

As you're preparing for this fun-filled weekend coming up, you might have started thinking about packing a picnic for the festival's grand finale at Wesleyan on Sunday evening. Here's a few specialties from to add to your basket just for the occasion.

Cherry Oatmeal Cookies

Cherry Rum Balls

Cherry Blossom Fudge

Cherry Enchiladas

Chicken-Cherry Pie (seriously - that's what it's called)

And here's a few drink selections too, but maybe not for a picnic ...

Cherry Fizz

Cherry Bomb

Cherry Limeade

John's Tasty German Cherry Beer

Sangria by the Pros

Pineapple Cake Martini


Karen and Renee said...

Some of those sound..interesting. Greetings from your fan club in Spain! Hasta luego.
Karen and Ana

Anonymous said...

Greetings from your French fan club, as well!

Great picture of you and Ms. Pinkie! Don't let Sophie see it, though...

Moi :-)

Eric said...

Hi Stephanie,

I saw that you have cherry drinks listed on your blog! CherryPharm is a cherry health drink made from whole tart cherries. I was wondering if you can add a link for Cherry Juice pointing to to your list of cherry drinks? It's good and it works! Thanks so much!