Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tea time

If I had to describe the Southern Tea and Fleur-de-lis exhibit going on at the Garden Club with one word, I think it would be "precious." Yes, I just said that. For those of you who have never seen the house, it is absolutely gorgeous inside and worth the walk-thru. It cost $5 to get in and tour the exhibit, which included tea or punch along with little cheeesy triangle sandwiches, nuts and candies that can be purchased in the group's gift shop. Upstairs, a photo exhibit features works by the Middle Georgia Camera Club. Most of the images were of nature scenes and my favorite was a really colorful piece titled "Stylized Orchid" by Alan Thiese. There are a few tea sets and linens set up upstairs, but the best tea exhibit is downstairs in one of the main rooms. Before entering the room, visitors are asked to read a wedding invitation, and then begin their tour of the room to the left. There were about 5 or 6 tables set up, each signifying a different part of the wedding weekend. One table, for example, represents the bridal shower tea, while another represents a sit-down after "the hunt." In my opinion, it's a very clever way to display everything. The final room is the tea room where guests can chose from either tea or punch and munch on sandwiches. The ladies hosting the exhibit (and a I saw one gentleman) were all very obviously excited about the event and full of energy. It was all quite "precious."

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