Friday, March 17, 2006

Taking pink decorations to an extreme

Saw this on my way home. They're repainting the Rosewood building at the corner of College and Walnut streets and the new peptobismol pink is so bright that you can see the building all the way down the hill from First Street if you're looking up Walnut Street. I can't believe someone would paint a building this color, but Cherry Blossom Festival organizers should be very proud of this very dedicated pink display.


WMCC News Anchor said...

Great idea for a blog. I've referenced it on WMCC News ( Thanks.

stephs#1fan said...

This is the coolest blog I've ever read! It is the only one I've ever read, but that doesn't mean it's not cool. I might have to come down there and check out some festivites.

You should do some travel blogging sometime and visit a cool festival in TN. There's also a great festival in LA. Check out I think you may have visted the one time, but I don't recall a blog.