Tuesday, March 21, 2006

$2 green beer update

One of my coworkers has informed me that there were some vendors selling beer for $3 last Friday night. That's closer to the $2 that they mentioned in the Official Schedule of Events instead of the $8 beer that we found at the Miller Lite tent, BUT IT'S STILL NOT $2 GREEN BEER!


Stanley Brown said...

What about trying to be a little more objective and a little less critical in your reporting? Maybe try for a little accuracy while you are at it. I am the vendor and licensee for the beer concession at Central City Park. There were not, and there are not, SOME vendors selling beer. There is one vendor selling beer, and that is me. I am there every day around 10:30AM or so until maybe 11:00PM every night. I was there on March 17, St. Patrick's day. If one of your unnamed co-workers was unsuccessful in locating the $2.00 greeen beer, my response to that is maybe he/she did not want to find it. We had $2.00 green beer and we sold a lot of it. We do indeed have an $8.00 choice for buying beer, but that does not accurately report things, including for that price the customer gets a full liter of beer in a souvenir mug, with discounted refills. Why don't you come on down to the concession before the festival ends and talk to me? I will inform you of things that maybe you do not realize, like the proceeds from this concession support local charities, and the people working at the concession are all volunteers, maybe you will be interested in knowing things like I give up a week of my vacation to make this concession work so that our organization can do things that support the community. If you have a negative perception of what we do, why not do a little research and learn something before you trash things. There are a lot of people who love this community and work hard to make it a better place to be. Maybe you should work to be one of those. If you do not like what we do at the Cherry Blossom Festival, I invite you to give me your suggestions for improvement before you do your bitching.

sattelite said...

Stanley Brown, one seller selling beer, thats real nice. The only good things coming out of those miller cups is the beer hitting the ground where I can re-fill it with real beer. Maybe you should not waste your vacation next year because you do a poor job selling beer. Friday night, St. Patricks Day, big banner over beer stand Pink Margaritas, thats nice how bout next year, big banner $2.00 green beer HERE. No one I seen or talked to could find this green $2.00 beer. Was it the same size cup you sold the $3.00 beer in? Cause I only saw one size cup, and none had green beer in them. So you either had 1.$2.oo beer in same size cup you sold $3.00 beer in or 2. you had a smaller $2.00 cup. I only saw one size cup all night. 3. you had one keg that went the first hour. Want to be a bigger contributor to the community? sell BUDWEISER, that is my last suggestion for improvement. And ANYONE reading this blog that does not work @ the concession or is a friend, tell us if they got green beer and what time it was.

Stephanie said...

The purpose of this blog is simply to relate one person’s views and experiences at the Cherry Blossom Festival and its events. I’m very sorry you feel you were wronged, and I find it commendable that proceeds go to charity. I was merely relaying my experience with Friday night’s concert and sharing my opinion of the event. As for suggestions, next time you should put a giant sign that says “Get your green beer here.” And if you want people to know where the money is going, maybe you should put up a sign for that, too.