Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A little rest

There's not much on the Cherry Blossom agenda today except for the usual daily fare at the park and several concerts, and since I'm just really not that into organ music and too busy working to attend Margaritaville tonight, I'm taking a break from Cherry Blossom today. I'll pink myself out tomorrow instead. Besides that, I'm not in the mood to spend $8 on a poorly made margarita again - even if it is pink.
Tomorrow I'm hoping to jump back into the fun by getting up and visiting the Southern Tea and Fleur-de-lis exhibit that opens at the Federated Garden Clubs. (I'm also hoping they actually might serve some tea, but I'm thinking I might be out of luck on that bet.) Then I plan to head to Central City Park to enjoy a smorgasbord of greasy and way too sugary foods for lunch (I really can't wait to try the apple dumplings), and then I'm going to catch an afternoon tiger show. Hopefully the weather will cooperate with my plans.

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