Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pink pancakes prove delicious every year

Of course I had to get up and go have pink pancakes again this year! It's one of my favorite activities - so much so that I'll get up early on a Saturday morning just so I can get there before the line gets really long. The pancakes looked even more pink this year than they have in years past, and they tasted just as good as they always do. The sausage patties were a little spicy this year - for that extra "wake-up" kick. Yum.

Here are some of the Macon-Bibb County firefighters making pancakes from scratch in a truck. Yes, that does look like a power tool they're using to stir the batter.

Here are some of the men grilling up spicy sausage patties. I was told it takes a special touch to separate the frozen patties from their paper sleeves before they make it onto the grill - but they wouldn't share their secret!

And here's the yearly shot of pink pancakes being made!

Liz Fabian also went out and spoke with the firefighters this morning. Click below to watch her video.

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