Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bed race regains momentum

This year's bed race put last year's to shame. The number of beds jumped from a handful last year to nine entries this year. And this year, you could tell the teams had fun. The Bed Rock Racer were probably one of my favorites. They all dressed up like cavemen and wheeled some wooden-looking contraption down Cherry Street. It looked like it would fall apart before they made it to the finish line, but that bed held up. I also liked the Magnolia Street Mafia, who I heard rode down the street in a hot tub! There was a huge crowd because of the warm weather and sunshine. That's right, I sad warm weather and sunshine. What happened to all of the rain and clouds we were supposed to be seeing today? Hopefully, that mess will all steer clear of Macon and it will remain nice throughout the remainder of the day.

Here's the list of bed race winners. They each get the chance to appear in tomorrow's parade, so we might get to see them again!

Fastest: Bud Light Bandits
Judges' Choice: The Children's Hospital AND Central Georgia Affiliate Susan G Komen Race For The Cure
Funniest: Bed Rock Racer
Most Original: Elberta Health Care

Here's everyone's times:
Pig in A Pit (I was glad to see a restaurant participating by the way): 28.53 seconds
Central Georgia Affiliate Susan G Komen Race For The Cure: 28.77
The Children's Hospital: 29.56
Bud Light Bandits: 21.05
Magnolia Street Mafia: 30.12
Elberta Health Care: 36.07
Bed Rock Racer: 31.85
L.E. Schwartz and Son Inc.: 21.25
Mid Georgia Apartment Association: 24.46

Congratulations to everyone!

Click here to view photos of the beds.

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