Friday, April 04, 2008

Midday festivities move to Terminal Station, crowd follows

I LOVE this photo of CBF Founder Carolyn Crayton with Queen Emily Alston. It was shot by Jason Vorhees. Carolyn is just so prim and proper that I would never imagine her licking away at an ice cream cone. It just goes to show that EVERYONE loves to get in on the cherry ice cream action.

And I mean everyone. The Founders Day Celebration, the final day of Third Street Park festivities, was moved a few blocks down to Terminal Station today because of the weather. I was expecting smaller crowds because of the weather and the quick change of location, but I was wrong. There were long lines outside at the ice cream stations, and a crowd inside for the cake and band, Still Cruisin'. I think the only disappointing thing about the event is that the Coke stand had run out of regular Cokes and Sprites by the time I got there, but that's not so bad.

Click here for a quick look at Friday's event.

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