Thursday, April 03, 2008

CBF Fashion Show & Luncheon serves up the latest looks

The 2008 CBF Fashion Show and Luncheon served up fun and the latest fashions this afternoon.

Host Mark Ballard didn't disappoint, riding in for his grand entrance on a scooter decorated with pink blossoms this year (many of you will remember last year's lawn mower). He was a little bit nervous about riding it before the event but told me he'd been sure to wear underwear in case he fell off like Kimberly Stewart (Rod Stewart's daughter) did on the red carpet one year. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that he didn't toss any clothes into the crowd this year and have ladies jumping over each other to try to catch the items - that was a sight I will never forget from last year's event. He did, however, tell the crowd that he'd gotten a spray tan just for the event.

The food, well, it was OK. Pink soup was on the menu again this year, as well as chicken (a little bit chewy), and a delicious chocolate dessert. Each table also came with two wine bottles.

The crowd wasn't quite as crazy this year as it was last year, but maybe that had something to do with the dismal weather. I was also surprised to see a few more men in attendance this year.

The fashions (all from Macon Mall) were really, really cute. There was a lot of black and white, which is totally hot right now. The models did two walk-throughs this year instead of three, but the length of the fashion show was about the same as last year's, maybe a little bit shorter. There was a good variety of models, from young to old, and even Lacie sashayed down the runway.

Click here for a gallery of photos from the event.

Here's some video footage Liz Fabian shot.

Click here and here for more video from the fashion show.

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