Sunday, April 06, 2008

Crowds flock to Mulberry Street

Well, the rain is gone, but the humidity is just awful today. I headed out to the Mulberry Street Festival a little before noon, trying to get there before the huge crowds and before it got too hot. But it's just no use in avoiding the heat in Georgia, I guess because it was already warm and sticky.

There was a long line at the Greek both by noon, and the other booths seemed to be doing just as well. Piggly Wiggly was even selling T-shirts this year, which I found amusing. But some of the shirts were actually funny. The crowd was fairly large for before noon at the arts festival. There were some empty booth spots where vendors just didn't come at all because of the rain, but who could blame them if they were coming from far away because gas is so expensive these days. There were a lot of jewelry booths set up this year, and a lot of dogs walking the streets. I don't know how it's gotten to be this way, but the Mulberry Street Festival is one that always gets people to bring out their pets with them. And some are so cute, like this one to the right.

Anyway, click here for images from the Mulberry Street Festival.

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